First screened in July 2018
Director: Kevin Macdonald. Documentary about the legendary rise and tragic, complicated demise of pop singer Whitney Houston. Interview subjects include Aunt Bae, Bobby Brown, Debra Martin Chase, Kevin Costner, Nicole David, Clive Davis, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Gary Garland-Houston, Steven Gittelman, Cissy Houston, Donna Houston, Michael Houston, Patricia Houston, Alan Jacobs, Mary Jones, L.A. Reid, and Lynne Volkman.

Twitter Capsule: So emotional! Some choices rankle, but curating of songs, testimonies, and story arcs yields strong, sad dramatic shape.

Second Capsule: From plotting to montage to mix to key shots, Whitney's evident template is Todd Haynes's Superstar. I'm impressed how it earns the analogy.

VOR:   With one major exception, largely hews to public record, but holds some feet to the fire. Credible levels of insight; fewer of innovation.

Photo © 2018 Miramax Films/Lightbox

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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