Southside with You
First screened in August 2016
Director: Richard Tanne. Cast: Tika Sumpter, Parker Sawyers, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Phillip Ed Van Lear, Jerod Haynes, Taylar Fondren, Deanna Reed-Foster, Gabrielle Lott-Rogers, Preston Tate Jr., Donn C. Harper, Deborah Geffner, Tom McElroy, Stephanie Monday. Screenplay: Richard Tanne.

Twitter Capsule: Aka Before Politics. Principle, incrementalism, and dogged hope as public style and route to romance. It glows.

VOR:   Full of things I'm partial to: Top 40 R&B, Chicago exteriors, the Obamas... What strikes me most is the rarity of real, modulated black romantic drama on screen.

Photo © 2016 Roadside Attractions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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