Something Wild
First screened in February 2004; screened most recently in April 2012
Director: Jonathan Demme. Cast: Jeff Daniels, Melanie Griffith, Ray Liotta, Margaret Colin, Tracey Walter, Robert Ridgely, Kenneth Utt, Charles Napier, John Sayles, John Waters, Dana Preu, Mary Ardella Drew, Joseph Lee Davis, Jack Gilpin, Su Tissue, Gary Goetzman, The Feelies. Screenplay: E. Max Frye.
Twitter Capsule: Demme's still learning to ground antic energies, but deliciously loose Daniels and Griffith lead a colorful charge

Photo © 1986 Orion Pictures
Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Actress (Musical/Comedy): Melanie Griffith
Best Actor (Musical/Comedy): Jeff Daniels
Best Supporting Actor: Ray Liotta

Other Awards:
Boston Society of Film Critics: Best Supporting Actor (Liotta; tie)

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