Winner '48:
First Saw It:
September 20, 1999, on video
Bridesmaids: Johnny Belinda, The Red Shoes, The Snake Pit, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
My Vote: The Red Shoes, though I probably owe Sierra a re-watch
Overlooked: Letter from an Unknown Woman, Red River, The Search

Hamlet (1948)
First screened in September 1999 / Most recently screened in August 2013
Director: Laurence Olivier. Cast: Laurence Olivier, Eileen Herlie, Jean Simmons, Basil Sydney, Felix Aylmer, Terence Morgan, Norman Wooland, Patrick Troughton, Tony Tarver, Peter Cushing. Screenplay: Laurence Olivier (based on the play by William Shakespeare).

Twitter Capsule: Some pitfalls of self-indulgence or overcalculated effect but the rank air, restive camera, and sculptural severity linger.

VOR:   Less sturdy as a cinematic or a Shakespearean point of reference than Olivier's Henry V. Internally uneven, in ambition and execution. Still, hardly just a filmed play.

Photo © 1948 Universal Pictures/Two Cities Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Academy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best Picture
Best Director: Laurence Olivier
Best Actor: Laurence Olivier
Best Supporting Actress: Jean Simmons
Best Art Direction (Black & White): Roger K. Furse; Carmen Dillon
Best Costume Design (Black & White): Roger K. Furse
Best Original Score: William Walton

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Motion Picture Actor: Laurence Olivier
Best Foreign Film

Other Awards:
Venice Film Festival: Golden Lion (Best Picture); Best Actress (Simmons)
New York Film Critics Circle: Best Actor (Olivier)
British Academy Awards (BAFTAs): Best Picture

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