First screened in October 2010 / Most recently screeend in February 2016
Director: Edward Dmytryk. Cast: Robert Young, George Cooper, Robert Ryan, Robert Mitchum, Gloria Grahame, William Phipps, Steve Brodie, Jacqueline White, Sam Levene, Paul Kelly, Kenneth MacDonald. Screenplay: John Paxton (based on the novel The Brick Foxhole by Richard Brooks).

Twitter Capsule: Over-styled and a bit thin on mystery but rich in mood, with a deep bench of good actors willing to dirty their hands.

Second Capsule: Pretty bare-bones but enough subtle style to put itself over the line. Deft performances: Mitchum, Kelly, Ryan, Grahame.

VOR:   Its most interesting qualities are the devoted following it amassed, even as Dmytryk joined the blacklist, and how a novel about homophobia became a film about anti-Semitism.

Photo © 1947 RKO Radio Pictures

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Picture
Best Director: Edward Dmytryk
Best Supporting Actress: Gloria Grahame
Best Supporting Actor: Robert Ryan
Best Screenplay: John Paxton

Other Awards:
Cannes Film Festival: Best Social Film

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