The Children's Hour
First screened in July 2006 / Most recently screened in April 2012
Director: William Wyler. Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner, Miriam Hopkins, Karen Balkin, Veronica Cartwright, Fay Bainter, Sally Brophy, Mimi Gibson, William Mims. Screenplay: John Michael Hayes (based on the play by Lillian Hellman).

Twitter Capsule: Not the desired advance on These Three. Still, within its limits, the core of the women's bond comes through.

VOR:   Notable if rather disheartening plot-point on the trajectory of LGBT film in the U.S. Unusual case of a director remaking his own film. Worth studying despite uneven achievements.

Photo © 1961 United Artists/The Mirisch Corporation

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Supporting Actress: Fay Bainter
Best Cinematography (Black & White): Franz Planer
Best Art Direction (Black & White): Fernando Carrere; Edward G. Boyle
Best Costume Design (Black & White): Dorothy Jeakins
Best Sound: Gordon Sawyer

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Director: William Wyler
Most Actress (Drama): Shirley MacLaine
Best Supporting Actress: Fay Bainter

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