The Carpetbaggers
First screened in June 2014
Director: Edward Dmytryk. Cast: George Peppard, Elizabeth Ashley, Alan Ladd, Carroll Baker, Lew Ayres, Bob Cummings, Martin Balsam, Ralph Taeger, Leif Erickson, Tom Tully, Martha Hyer, Audrey Totter, Archie Moore, Anthony Warde, Victoria Jean. Screenplay: John Michael Hayes (based on the novel by Harold Robbins).
Twitter Capsule: A huge hit but only a producer as crass as Levine could love it. Overlit, numbly acted, poorly scripted. Endless.

Photo © 1964 Paramount Pictures/Embassy Pictures
Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: D

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Supporting Actress: Elizabeth Ashley

Other Awards:
National Board of Review: Best Supporting Actor (Balsam)

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