Carnal Knowledge
First screened in April 2001 / Most recently screened in May 2016
Director: Mike Nichols. Cast: Jack Nicholson, Art Garfunkel, Candice Bergin, Ann-Margret, Cynthia O'Neal, Rita Moreno, Carol Kane. Screenplay: Jules Feiffer.

Twitter Capsule: Scenes slimmed, sharpened, and sequenced like shards of a wine glass laid out on a table. Affected but exciting.

VOR:   I initially found this film as preening and sourly "provocative" as its leads. I still see why I thought that but sense a riskier, sharper project now. And it looks so great.

Photo © 1971 Avco Embassy Pictures

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

(in April 2001: B–)

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Supporting Actress: Ann-Margret

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Actor (Drama): Jack Nicholson
Best Supporting Actress: Ann-Margret
Best Supporting Actor: Art Garfunkel

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