The Chambermaid
aka La camarista
First screened in November 2019
Director: Lila Avilés. Cast: Gabriela Cartol, Teresa Sánchez, Clementina Guaddarama, Agustina Quinci, José Manuel Ramírez Gloria, Elizabeth Sotelo, Alan Uribe Villaruel, Marisa Villaruel, Elvia Rosales Zarate, Perla Matías. Screenplay: Lila Avilés and Juan Márquez.

Twitter Capsule: Curious, engaging overview of one woman's work days and of a full, semi-invisible ecosystem, told at a steady clip.

VOR:   Avilés and Co. sure seem to know this world and this woman, until a wispy end. Style departs from usual approaches to working-class realism.

Photo © 2018 Alpha Violet/Foprocine/Imcine/Limerenciä, © 2019 Kino Lorber

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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