Un Zoo la nuit
aka Night Zoo
First screened in April 2012
Director: Jean-Claude Lauzon. Cast: Gilles Maheu, Roger Lebel, Germain Houde, Lorne Brass, Jerry Snell, Corrado Mastropasqua, Lynne Adams, Anna-Maria Giannotti, Nereo Lorenzi, Roger Lemyre, André Nickell, Michel Barsalou, Denys Arcand. Screenplay: Jean-Claude Lauzon.

Twitter Capsule: A neon, involving amalgam of Audiard and Egoyan. Evades obviousness and airlessness when they occasionally encroach.

VOR:   Lauzon seemed primed for bigger career. This is interesting stuff, and hardly an old recipe. Check those Genies! Still, fits easily within a certain Canadian egghead-arthouse niche.

Photo © 1987 Cinema Plus/National Film Board of Canada/
Téléfilm Canada/Société Générale du Cinéma du Québec

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Genie Awards (Canadian Oscars): Best Picture; Best Director; Best Actor (Lebel); Best Supporting Actor (Houde); Best Screenplay; Best Cinematography (Guy Dufaux); Best Production Design (Jean-Baptiste Tard); Best Costume Design (Andrée Morin); Best Film Editing (Michel Arcand); Best Music Score (Jean Corriveau); Best Original Song ("Lost in a Hurricane"); Best Sound (Adrian Croll, et al.); Best Sound Editing (Viateur Paiement, et al.)

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