Zero Patience
First screened in May 2009
Director: John Greyson. Cast: John Robinson, Norman Fatueux, Richardo Keens-Douglas, Dianne Heatherington, Michael Callen, Brenda Kamino, Bernard Behrens, Marla Lukofsky, Charlotte Boisjoli, Charles Azulay, David Gale, Howard Rosenstein. Screenplay: John Greyson.

Twitter Capsule: As usual for Greyson, era-hopping, AIDS-themed musical is more striking in concept than execution. Still, gutsy fun.

VOR:   Say what you will about the experience, but its risk and originality are hard to gainsay. Dry or silly at times, but rarely if ever derivative.

Photo © 1993 CineVista/Téléfilm Canada/Channel 4

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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