Yi Yi
A One and a Two...
First screened in December 2000
Director: Edward Yang. Cast: Wu Nianzhen, Kelly Lee, Jonathan Chang, Elaine Jin, Ru-Yun Tang, Ke Suyun, Yupang Chang, Hsi-Sheng Cheng, Hsio Shu-Shen, Issey Ogata, Hsin-Yi Tseng, Adrian Lin. Screenplay: Edward Yang.

Twitter Capsule: [Withheld until I revisit the movie. No longer trust my recalled response.]

VOR:   Many, many critics' pick as the year's best film, capping a career US distributors have mostly ignored. Domestic melancholy on epic, carefully textured canvas.

Photo © 2000 Atom Films/WinStar Cinema (c/o DVD Beaver)

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Cannes Film Festival: Best Director
New York Film Critics Circle: Best Foreign-Language Film
Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Best Foreign-Language Film
National Society of Film Critics: Best Picture

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