Working Girls
First screened in July 2011
Director: Lizzie Borden. Cast: Louise Smith, Marusia Zach, Amanda Goodwin, Ellen McElduff, Janne Peters, Carla-Maria Sorey, Helen Nicholas, Patience Pierce, Michael Holland, Ron Manning, Roger Babb, Boomer Tibbs, Richard Davidson, Ronald Willoughby, Paul Slimak, Fred Neumann, Grant Wheaton, Richard Leacock, Martin Haber, Dan Nutu, Norbert Brown, Benjamin Egbuna, Chan Lee, Raymond Moy, Yu Lu, Saunder Finard, Deborah Banks. Screenplay: Lizzie Borden and Sandra Kay.

Twitter Capsule: Rough edges; low budget sometimes shows. But bracing and smartly staged observations.

VOR:   Impossible to guess where one goes after Born in Flames, but Borden shows new potential for herself and for feminist countercinema. Like Frederick Wiseman filming Faces in a brothel. (I know!)

Photo © 1986 Miramax Films/Working Girl Films/Alternate Current

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

Sundance Film Festival: Special Jury Prize (Dramatic)

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