World's Greatest Dad
First screened in December 2009
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait. Cast: Robin Williams, Alexie Gilmore, Daryl Sabara, Henry Simmons, Evan Martin, Geoffrey Pierson, Lorraine Nicholson, Naomi Glick, Jermaine Williams, Mitzi McCall, Tony V, Zach Sanchez, Alles Mist, Deborah Horne, Toby Huss, Bobcat Goldthwait, Bruce Hornsby. Screenplay: Bobcat Goldthwait.

Twitter Capsule: Good start, care of remarkably good, love-to-hate-him Sabara. Loses focus, interest in "satiric" second hour.

VOR:   Best-case scenario: Goldthwait evolves into more consistent filmmaker willing to topple sacred cows of "American values" from eccentric angles, with access to popular talent. Early, but hopeful.

Photo © 2009 Magnolia Pictures/Darko Entertainment

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

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