Within Our Gates
First screened in November 2002
Director: Oscar Micheaux. Cast: Evelyn Preer, Charles D. Lucas, Flo Clements, Grant Gorman, James D. Ruffin, William Stark, Mattie Edwards, Ralph Johnson, E.G. Tatum, Jack Chenault, William Smith, Mrs. Evelyn, Bernice Ladd, Grant Edwards. Screenplay: Oscar Micheaux.

Twitter Capsule: Micheaux catches guff sometimes for rude technique but all I see is potent delivery on urgent, antiracist points.

VOR:   Feels like a notion to good to be true: an African-American response to Birth of a Nation and to generations of racist violence, made in Griffith's own era. Yet here it is!

Photo © 1920 Micheaux Book and Film Company

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

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