Where's Poppa?
aka Going Ape
First screened in July 2013
Director: Carl Reiner. Cast: George Segal, Ruth Gordon, Trish Van Devere, Ron Leibman, Rae Allen, Barnard Hughes, Rob Reiner, William LeMassena, Michael McGuire, Vincent Gardenia, Joe Keyes Jr., Israel Lang, Garrett Morris, Arnold Williams, Buddy Butler, Paul Sorvino, Alice Drummond. Screenplay: Robert Klane (based on his novel).

Twitter Capsule: Only Bobcat Goldthwait would film this today. Laudably brazen comedy takes some bad nose-dives: long rape gag, etc.

VOR:   Bravely willing to alienate the audience? Was there an audience for something this loopily scabrous? Did you have to be there? Showcases Gordon without giving her much to do.

Photo © 1970 United Artists

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

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