What Maisie Knew
First screened in September 2012
Directors: Scott McGehee and David Siegel. Cast: Onata Aprile, Joanna Vanderham, Alexander Skarsgård, Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan, Nadia Gan. Screenplay: Carroll Cartwright and Nancy Doyne (based on the novel by Henry James).

Twitter Capsule: Great idea for update beset by narrative gaps, precious lighting and scoring. Still, 6-year-old Aprile nails it.

VOR:   Proof you can take plenty of risks (placing film on newbie kid's shoulders, Skarsgård grown up, Moore blowzed down, 19C in 21C clothes) without feeling risky at all.

Photo © 2012 Millennium Entertainment/Red Crown Productions/
Weinstock Productions/10th Hole Productions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C

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