The White Hell of Pitz Palü
aka Die Weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü
First screened in October 1998
Directors: Arnold Fanck and G.W. Pabst. Cast: Gustav Diessl, Leni Riefenstahl, Ernst Petersen, Otto Spring, Ernst Udet, Mizzi Götzel. Screenplay: Arnold Fanck and Ladislaus Vajda.

Twitter Capsule: Cinematography conjures vertiginous terror of the Alps and their icy luster. A breathtaking adventure.

VOR:   So high on "How'd they film that?" spectrum. Premier exemplar of historically significant bergfilm genre. Innovative blend of fiction and actuality. Exciting as hell.

Photo © 1929 Sokal-Film GmbH, © 1930 Universal Pictures

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

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