First screened in October 2012
Director: Tim Staffel. Cast: Wolfram Schorlemmer, Burak Yigit, Murat Seven, Jule Böwe, Maxim Mehmet, Janina Suhl, Ronja Asmussen, Tamer Arslan. Screenplay: Tim Staffel (based on his novel).

Twitter Capsule: Opaque, third-rate Keep the Lights On, as sweet Turkish guy strives to "save" bratty dopehead. Grim stabs at allegory.

VOR:   Granted, some resonances are culturally specific. Even so, the prototype of a festival film that bulks up the LGBT programming but slips from memory within three days.

Photo © 2012 Salzgeber & Company Media

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C–

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