We Are Francesco
aka Noi siamo Francesco
First screened in October 2015
Director: Guendalina Zampagni. Cast: Mauro Racanati, Elena Sofia Ricci, Gabriele Granito, Gelsomina Pascucci, Diletta Acquaviva, Mariolina De Fano, Paolo Sassanelli, Cristiana Vaccaro, Luigi Diberti, Luciano Montrone, Luigia Caringella. Screenplay: Aurelio Grimaldi and Guendalina Zampagni.

Twitter Capsule: Sunny comedy about not intruding into a disabled man's sex life that blithely intrudes into—yep, you guessed it.

VOR:   Would be easier to extend credit as a rare, erotically-themed foray into disability if it weren't so insistent on abled characters' perspectives. Objectifies protagonist, too.

Photo © 2014 Arancia Cinema

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C–

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