Wavelengths 4: Psychic Driving
First screened in September 2015
Actua 1 Director: Philippe Garrel. Time for Outrage Director: Friedl vom Gröller. Untitled Director: Behrouz Rae. Many Thousands Gone Director: Ephraim Asili. Neither God Nor Santa María Directors: Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón. Psychic Driving Director: William E. Jones. UNcirCling Directors: John Creson and Adam Rosen. Engramme of Returning Director: Daïchi Saïto.

Twitter Capsule: Links radical activism to African diaspora, occult folklore to synaesthetic abstraction. Dazzling.

VOR:   Even more than with most films, different viewers will find different experimental shorts essential or not. I was hugely impressed at how unusual and focused these seemed.

Neither God Nor Santa María Photo © 2015 Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

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