The German Doctor
aka Wakolda
First screened in October 2013
Director: Lucía Puenzo. Cast: Florencia Bado, Àlex Brendemühl, Diego Peretti, Natalia Oreiro, Elena Roger, Alan Daicz, Guillermo Pfening, Abril Braunstein, Juan I. Martínez, Ana Pauls. Screenplay: Lucía Puenzo.

Twitter Capsule: Uneven bounty of subplots and ideas. Best stuff explores how, why we need the monsters in our midst.

VOR:   While you're watching, the film's range of ambitions and odd details invigorate. Later, they're hard to recover. Distinctive but oddly forgettable.

Photo © 2013 Historias Cinematograficas Cinemania, © 2014 Samuel Goldwyn Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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