Waking Life
First screened in November 2001
Director: Richard Linklater. Animated. Voice Cast: Wiley Wiggins, Richard Linklater, Peter Atherton, Louis Black, Steve Brudniak, John Christensen, Julie Delpy, Guy Forsyth, John Gunning, Ethan Hawke, Nicky Katt, Kim Krizan, Timothy "Speed" Levitch, Louis Mackey, Steven Prince, Steven Soderbergh, Ken Webster, Bill Wise, Caveh Zahedi. Screenplay: Richard Linklater.

Twitter Capsule: I admired technical advance but never felt it was more than that. Stiff for a dream state. Unbearably noodly. So long.

VOR:   Even as effects reel, on which terms it is undeniably original, style doesn't feel that fertile. Likely to be outstripped soon by richer applications. Or maybe just a cul-de-sac.

First screened in November 2004

Director: Richard Linklater. Cast: Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, Uma Thurman. Screenplay: Stephen Belber (based on his play).

Twitter Capsule: An InDigEnt film that, like many Dogme films, exposes by contrast how cosmetics and finesse can aid a movie. Unpleasant bout.

VOR:   Actors find things in it, and nice that Linklater is stretching, but neither text nor filmmaking opens up anything new.

Waking Life Photo © 2001 Fox Searchlight Pictures/Independent Film Channel
Tape Photo © 2001 IFC Productions/InDigEnt/Lions Gate Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grades: Waking Life: C–; Tape: C–

Awards for Waking Life:
Venice Film Festival: Magical Lantern Prize (Special Mention; also cited for Tape)
New York Film Critics Circle: Best Animated Feature
National Society of Film Critics: Best Animated Feature

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