Visions of Light
First screening date unrecorded / Most recently screened in June 2014
Directors: Arnold Glassman, Todd McCarthy, and Stuart Samuels. Documentary about the history of Hollywood cinematography, from the silent era to the present. Interview subjects include Néstor Almendros, John A. Alonzo, John Bailey, Michael Ballhaus, Stephen H. Burum, Bill Butler, Michael Chapman, Allen Daviau, Caleb Deschanel, Ernest Dickerson, Frederick Elmes, William A. Fraker, Conrad L. Hall, László Kovács, Charles Lang, Lisa Rinzler, Charles Rosher Jr., Sandi Sissel, Vittorio Storaro, Haskell Wexler, Gordon Willis, Harry Wolf, and Vilmos Zsigmond.

Twitter Capsule: Warm, engaging primer for newcomers. A bit surface-bound, avoiding tougher discussions for greatest-hits approach.

VOR:   Again, depends. For audiences who've never considered cinematography, this could open new worlds; it did for me. If you're already versed, you pine for something more trenchant.

Photo © 1992 American Film Institute/NHK,
© 1993 Kino International

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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