The Valiant (1929)
First screened in January 2017
Director: William K. Howard. Cast: Paul Muni, Marguerite Churchill, Edith Yorke, Johnny Mack Brown, DeWitt Jennings, Clifford Dempsey, Richard Carlyle, Henry Kolker. Screenplay: Tom Barry and John Hunter Booth (based on the play by Holworthy Hall and Robert Middlemass).

Twitter Capsule: Tacky, lachrymose melodrama, an awkward early talkie with titles and stiff style. The dark end is something, at least.

VOR:   Only of value as a relic of that chronically unsteady silents-into-sound and, I suppose, a record of Muni's peak popularity.

Photo © 1929 Fox Film Corporation

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Actor: Paul Muni
Best Screenplay: Tom Barry

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