Ulysses' Gaze
aka To vlemma tou Odyssea
First screened in April 2015
Director: Theo Angelopoulos. Cast: Harvey Keitel, Maïa Morgenstern, Erland Josephson, Giorgos Mihalakopoulos, Thanasis Vengos, Dora Volanaki, Costas Santas, Mania Papadimitriou, Giorgos Konstas, Thanos Grammenos, Alekos Oudinotis, Angel Ivanof, Ljuba Tadić, Vaggelis Liodakis, Gert Llanaj, Angi Vlahou, Giannis Zavradinos, Vangelis Kazan, Mirka Kalatzopoulou. Screenplay: Theo Angelopoulos, Tonino Guerra, Petros Markaris, and Giorgio Silvagni.

Twitter Capsule: Labored devices, awkward clashes of idiom, but admirably earnest. Heaven is made of Angelopoulos camera movements.

VOR:   Leaves itself wide open to charges of pretension and self-parody, but beyond sheer chops, there's a rare, earnest engagement here with cinematic form and Continental disintegration.

Photo © 1995 Paradis Films/Basic Cinematografica/Istituto Luce/
Theo Angelopoulos Productions, © 1997 Roissy Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

Cannes Film Festival: Grand Jury Prize; FIPRESCI Prize (tie)
European Film Awards: FIPRESCI Prize

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