The Van
First screened in April 2016
Director: Stephen Frears. Cast: Donal O'Kelly, Colm Meaney, Ger Ryan, Caroline Rothwell, Rûadhrí Conroy, Brendan O'Carroll, Neilí Conroy, Jack Lynch, Laurie Morton, Marie Mullen, Stanley Townsend. Screenplay: Roddy Doyle (based on his novel).

Twitter Capsule: Hardly merits a Cannes berth, but interesting subtexts of being dragged down by laggard pals even as you build yourself up.

VOR:   Comedies are easy to underestimate critically, but even if The Van is slightly more than meets the eye, you couldn't call it innovative or unmissable.

Photo © 1996 Fox Searchlight Pictures/BBC Films

Not yet reviewed in full. B

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