Summer (2014)
aka Zomer
First screened in October 2014
Director: Colette Bothof. Cast: Sigrid ten Napel, Jade Olieberg, Martijn Lakemeier, Lisa Smit, Ella-June Henrard, Willemijn van der Ree, Steef Cuijpers, Pepijn van Putten, Eva Van der Gucht, Guido Pollemans. Screenplay: Marjolein Bierens.

Twitter Capsule: Serial miscalculations, starting with copious and banal voiceover in the prologue. Artistically flat. Weird on race.

VOR:   We may just be in a Dutch storytelling idiom I don't get; I spent most of Antonia's Line dying for the exit. But this seems hackneyed and listless, despite attempts at tenderness.

Photo © 2014 De Productie

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: D

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