The Strange Little Cat
aka Das merkwürdige Kätzchen
First screened in December 2014
Director: Ramon Zürcher. Cast: Jenny Schily, Mia Kasalo, Anjorka Strechel, Luk Pfaff, Leon Alan Beiersdorf, Armin Marewski, Matthias Dittmer, Sabine Werner, Kathleen Morgeneyer, Monika Hetterle, Gustav Körner, Lea Draeger. Screenplay: Ramon Zürcher.

Twitter Capsule: Like a Piñeiro film inside a middle-class apartment, purring with invisible and uncanny naturalist energies.

VOR:   Not ready to call this indispensable, but Zürcher is ambitious and idiosyncratic within the hour-plus of his debut feature. New slant on families, apartments, and weird collective forcefields.

Photo © 2013 Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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