Some Came Running
First screened in April 2006
Director: Vincente Minnelli. Cast: Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Martha Hyer, Dean Martin, Arthur Kennedy, Leora Dana, Betty Lou Keim, Nancy Gates, Larry Gates, Steve Peck, Connie Gilchrist, George Brengel, Marion Ross. Screenplay: John Patrick and Arthur Sheekman (based on the novel by James Jones).

Twitter Capsule: Sirk's 50s melodramas get all the press these days, but Minnelli's colors and layers astonish. MacLaine shines.

VOR:   Widely beloved by cinephiles, yet under-regarded elsewhere. With any justice, this would have From Here to Eternity's cultural capital. Peak Minnelli, which is saying something.

Photo © 1958 Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Not yet reviewed in full. A–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Actress: Shirley MacLaine
Best Supporting Actress: Martha Hyer
Best Supporting Actor: Arthur Kennedy
Best Costume Design: Walter Plunkett
Best Original Song: "To Love and Be Loved"

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Actress (Drama): Shirley MacLaine

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