Shit Year
First screened in January 2019
Director: Cam Archer. Cast: Ellen Barkin, Luke Grimes, Melora Walters, Bob Einstein, Theresa Randle, David Zellner, Josh Blaylock, voice of Rickie Lee Jones. Screenplay: Cam Archer.

Twitter Capsule: Formally audacious study of the coming-apart of an actress who was probably never any great shakes. Barkin takes a risk!

Second Capsule: To be clear, this is a weird, tough little experimental feature on Amazon with Ellen Barkin, not a documentary about 2019, or 2018, or 2017.

VOR:   Avant-garde enough that, at some level, all bets are off, but it grabs at some really interesting straws and achieves impressive, risk-taking coherence.

Photo © 2010 Wild Invention/Parts and Labor, © 2011 Cinemad

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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