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The Shade
First screened in May 2020
Director: Raphaël Nadjari. Cast: Richard Edson, Lorie Marino, Barbara Haas, Jeff Ware, Jacob Lavin. Screenplay: Raphaël Nadjari (based on the story "A Gentle Creature" by Fyodor Dostoevsky).

Twitter Capsule: So desultory with motive, scenario, and character, it feels like reels are missing. Rudimentary style. Actors look lost.

Second Capsule: Mishandled adaptation, where whole beats and swerves make no sense if you don't know the Dostoevsky, yet his story and theme feel distorted.

VOR:   I'd love to extend credit for taking on and reimagining a tricky narrative that's already attracted Bresson and Loznitsa, but this is almost entirely cautionary.

Photo © 1999 Filmaker/Whole Nine Productions/Stolen Car Productions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: D+

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