Steamboat Round the Bend
First screened in May 2015
Director: John Ford. Cast: Will Rogers, Anne Shirley, John McGuire, Eugene Pallette, Berton Churchill, Irwin S. Cobb, Stepin Fetchit, Roger Imhof, Francis Ford, Hobart Bosworth, C.E. Anderson, Raymond Hatton, Ferdinand Munier. Screenplay: Dudley Nichols and Lamar Trotti (based on the novel by Ben Lucien Burman).

Twitter Capsule: Spry, ambling Ford. Not rigidly shaped, which appeals. Indulges stereotypes but also burns false idols.

VOR:   Ford on much looser form than in the same year's Informer, and with much more interesting, almost shambolic politics. Such an interesting take on America, despite the predictable racism.

Photo © 1935 20th Century Fox

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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