Ray & Liz
First screened in July 2019
Director: Richard Billingham. Cast: Patrick Romer, Ella Smith, Justin Salinger, Deirdre Kelly, Joshua Millard-Lloyd, Richard Ashton, Jacob Tuton, Tony Way, Sam Plant, Callum Slater, Jamie-Lee Beacher, Michelle Bonnard, Sam Dodd, James Eeles, Sam Gittins, James Hinton, Andrew Jefferson-Tierney. Screenplay: Richard Billingham.

Twitter Capsule: Framing and structure recall early Lynne Ramsay. Spirit is practically Turin Horse. Deeper, stranger, sadder as it goes.

VOR:   Not the first time we've seen the tradition of English domestic realism reworked for different poetic effects, but an especially striking, surprising example.

Photo © 2018 Jacqui Davies/Severn Screen/
British Film Institute, © 2019 KimStim Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

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