Red balloons. Rising waters. Flooded plains. Country stores. Burning buildings. Cities on fire. City supervisors. Watching the world burn. Lonely planets. Uncanny doubles. Figures of speech. Adorable roaches. Cruel jokes. Crueler Jokers. Memwahs. Uneasy pieces. Double duchesses. Heads in the pool. Did you drown her? Did she really drown? Did I really drown? Car trips. Tours of duty. Tattlers. Stunts. Stunt men. One-trick ponies. Tightropes. Taxi drivers. Is Tamara there? Animated histories. Missing collars. Flagrant colors. Black piss. Blackface. Whiteface. Blankface. Black Kold Medina. Staple guns. Sisters in crisis. Restless classes. Unhappy holidays. Weekend furloughs. Awkward toasts. Savage graces. Edges of heaven. You gotta give 'em hope. You gotta give 'em hope.

The very best from the movies of 2008.