My Oscar Ballot for 1995
Films considered in the year of their AMPAS eligibility
(Listings may vary over time as I discover or revisit more movies)
Best Picture
The Bridges of Madison County
Dead Man Walking
Toy Story
Best Director
Kathryn Bigelow, Strange Days
Clint Eastwood, The Bridges of Madison County
Claire Denis, I Can't Sleep
Todd Haynes, Safe
Tim Robbins, Dead Man Walking
Best Actress
Jennifer Jason Leigh, Georgia
Julianne Moore, Safe
Amanda Root, Persuasion
Elisabeth Shue, Leaving Las Vegas
Meryl Streep, The Bridges of Madison County
Best Actor
Nicolas Cage, Leaving Las Vegas
Morgan Freeman, Seven
Anthony Hopkins, Nixon
Sean Penn, Dead Man Walking
Jonathan Pryce, Carrington
Best Supporting Actress
Joan Allen, Nixon
Angela Bassett, Strange Days
Alison Folland, To Die For
Mare Winningham, Georgia
Kate Winslet, Sense and Sensibility
Best Supporting Actor
Robert Downey, Jr., Home for the Holidays
Peter Friedman, Safe
Ted Levine, Georgia
Tim Roth, Rob Roy
Kevin Spacey, Seven
Still on the Docket: Bandit Queen, The Brothers McMullen, The City of Lost Children, Clean, Shaven, Clockers, Crumb, Crimson Tide, Higher Learning, Kids, Lamerica, A Little Princess, Les Misérables, Nadja, Once Were Warriors, The Secret of Roan Inish, Shallow Grave, Shanghai Triad, Smoke, Strawberry & Chocolate, Wild Bill
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