Panamerican Machinery
aka Maquinaria Panamerica
First screened in October 2016
Director: Joaquin del Paso. Cast: Javier Zaragoza, Ramiro Orozco, Irene Ramirez, Regina DuPacci, Edmundo Mosqueira, Delfino López, Javier Camacho, Israel Ruiz, César Panini. Screenplay: Joaquin del Paso and Lucy Pawlak.

Twitter Capsule: Sort of a Lanthimos take on Mexican factory-floor malaise, or High-Rise with more tricky feelings and tones.

VOR:   Capitalism and its vicissitudes are an increasing focus for global filmmakers; del Paso's funny, slightly out-of-body angle feels fresh.

Photo © 2016 Amondo Films/Black Maria/Mantarraya Producciones

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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