Don't Forget You're Going to Die
aka N'oublie pas que tu vas mourir
First screened in April 2015
Director: Xavier Beauvois. Cast: Xavier Beauvois, Roschdy Zem, Jean Douchet, Chiara Mastroianni, Bulle Ogier, Jean-Louis Richard, Emmanuel Salinger, Pascal Bonitzer (!), Cédric Kahn, Stanislas Nordey, Denis Psaltopoulos, Patrick Chauvel. Screenplay: Xavier Beauvois, Emmanuel Salinger, Anne-Marie Sauzeau, and Zoubir Tligui.

Twitter Capsule: Easy to underestimate ambition of realist drama in this mold. Ideas worthy but need more shaping.

VOR:   Character drama that's willing to study one man so closely while withholding so much and eliding so many links among scenes is certainly taking risks. Still, pretty much a footnote.

Photo © 1995 Why Not Productions/La Sept Cinéma/Périphéria

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Cannes Film Festival: Jury Prize

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