My Best Fiend
First screened in May 2020
Director: Werner Herzog. Documentary about Herzog's volatile collaborations with violently eccentric actor Klaus Kinski, including larger production backgrounds on the movies they made together.

Twitter Capsule: Good, if never quite great, on Kinski, on key films, and on the tempestuous world of movie sets. Blurriest on Herzog?

Second Capsule: The most revealing testimonies are often from other actors: Eva Mattes, Claudia Cardinale. I also admired the gentleness of the final beats.

VOR:   Easy to see why Herzog felt personally (and commercially?) compelled to make this movie, but neither form nor content is especially trenchant.

Photo © 1999 Werner Herzog Filmproduktion/Cafe Productions Ltd./
Zephir Film, © 2000 New Yorker Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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