Miles Ahead
First screened in April 2016
Director: Don Cheadle. Cast: Don Cheadle, Ewan McGregor, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Michael Stuhlbarg, LaKeith Stanfield, Austin Lyon, Christina Karis, Brian Wolfman Black Bowman, Chris Hahn, Morgan Wolk, Nina Smilow. Screenplay: Steven Baigelman and Don Cheadle (based on a screen story by Steven Baigelman & Don Cheadle and Steven J. Rivèle & Christopher Wilkinson).

Twitter Capsule: There's jazzy structure and there's shaky organization. There's making a film in adverse conditions and making a mess.

VOR:   Sterner and edgier than Get On Up, if also in plainer disarray. Suffers the most tired problems of its genre, while trying to bend it in new directions.

Photo © 2016 Sony Pictures Classics

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

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