Screened in January 2011
Director: Jeff Malmberg. Documentary about a recovering trauma victim in upstate New York who builds and narrativizes a populated scale model of an entire Belgian town in his backyard, as a sort of self-appointed therapy project. Interview subjects include Mark Hogancamp, Edda Hogancamp, Emmanuel Nneji, Colleen Vargo, Bert Bodie, Tom Neubauer, Julie Swarthout, Lisa Bruck, Ruthie Hotaling, David Naugle, and Tod Lippy.
Twitter Capsule: Kingston, NY, is the new Synecdoche! Hogancamp's art fascinates, but film stays benignly dumbfounded, delving too little.

Photo © 2010 The Cinema Guild/Open Face
Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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Boston Society of Film Critics: Best Debut Filmmaker; Best Documentary Feature

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