First screened in April 2006
Director: Vincent J. Donehue. Cast: Montgomery Clift, Robert Ryan, Dolores Hart, Myrna Loy, Jackie Coogan, Mike Kellin, Maureen Stapleton, Frank Maxwell, Onslow Stevens, Frank Overton, John Gallaudet, JB Welch, Jack Black, Mary Ann Hokanson. Screenplay: Dore Schary (based on the novella by Nathanael West and its theatrical adaptation by Howard Teichmann).

Twitter Capsule: Not Nathanael West. Hard to say what it is, but at least it intrigues. Ryan and Stapleton make strongest impressions.

VOR:   The novella's cultural weight and its formal and thematic richness simultaneously lend this movie some vicarious glory and totally overshadow it. Interesting but hardly essential.

Photo © 1958 United Artists

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Supporting Actress: Maureen Stapleton

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Supporting Actress: Maureen Stapleton

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