Le Week-end
First screened in October 2013
Director: Roger Michell. Cast: Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan, Jeff Goldblum, Olly Alexander, Brice Beaugier, Charlotte Léo, Xavier De Guillebon, Marie-France Alvarez, Lee Michelsen, Denis Sebbah, Sébastien Siroux, Judith Davis. Screenplay: Hanif Kureishi.

Twitter Capsule: Three terrific performances, bravely messy finish, and other virtues amply outweigh kitschy bits, ounces of pretension.

VOR:   About what you'd expect from Kureishi and others involved. Rare treat of Duncan in large screen role. Edgier than your Marigold Hotels. Glad for some vinegar in this genre.

Photo © 2013 Film4/Free Range Films, © 2014 Music Box Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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