Layla M.
First screened in October 2016
Director: Mijke de Jong. Cast: Nora El Koussour, Ilias Addab, Hassan Akkouch, Yasemin Cetinkaya, Husam Chadat, Karl Ferlin, Mohammed Azaay, Sachli Gholamalizad, Bilal Wahib, Steef Cuijpers. Screenplay: Mijke de Jong and Jan Eilander.

Twitter Capsule: Not novel filmmaking but captures radicalism and ambivalence in its teenaged Dutch-Moroccan heroine. El Koussour great.

VOR:   Execution isn't always consistent and the ending feels blunt, but this is still a nervy, valuable look at how a secular young woman gets radicalized.

Photo © 2016 Chromosom Filmproduktion/Imaginarium Films/
Menuet bvba/Schiwago Film/Topkapi Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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