Land of Storms
aka Viharsarok
First screened in September 2014
Director: Ádám Császi. Cast: András Sütö, Ádám Varga, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Lajos Ottó Horváth, Uwe Lauer, Enikö Börcsök, Zita Téby, Szabolcs Fábián, Zsolt Nyári, Kristóf Horváth, Michel Victor, Gábor Harsai. Screenplay: Ádám Császi and Iván Szabó.

Twitter Capsule: Core feelings exert some claim but too often film lapses into cliché or contrives turn-ons and plot points.

VOR:   I understand this is a risk in its home market of Hungary, but queer cinephiles won't feel they're seeing this for the first time. Floating Skyscrapers did this sort of thing better.

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Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C–

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