Ladder to Damascus
aka Soullam ila Dimashq
First screened in September 2013
Director: Mohamed Malas. Cast: Bilal Martini, Najla El Wa'za, Lara Saade, Hussein Al Shazli, Mohamad Zarzour, Hussein Marii, Rana Malas, Naouar Yussef, Mustafa El Mustafa, Izzat Abou Jabal, Roula Falhout, Ziad Kalthoum, Gianna Aanid, Radwan Jamous, Ghassan Jbaii, Nohad Assi. Screenplay: Mohamed Malas and Samer Mohamad Ismail.
Twitter Capsule: 12 Syrians haunted by pasts, bedeviled by war, perhaps too solaced by art. Tough, layered. Amazing it got made.

Photo © 2013 Abbout Productions
Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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