aka Kikujirô no natsu
First screened in May 2020
Director: Takeshi Kitano. Cast: Yusuke Sekiguchi, Takeshi Kitano, Gurêto Gidayû, Rakkyo Ide, Akaji Maro, Kayoko Kishimoto, Yûko Daike, Daigaku Sekine, Tarou Suwata, Hidehisa Ebata, Kenta Arai, Kazuko Yoshiyuki. Screenplay: Takeshi Kitano.

Twitter Capsule: I get Kitano wanting to show new colors. But these? Benigniesque fable, tougher in spots and with blessedly lower stakes.

Second Capsule: I liked how the film got weirder: Moppet and Yakuza Go Boating. But the whimsy doesn't always charm and is unevenly balanced over two hours.

VOR:   A substantial departure for Kitano, though Tough Adult/Sweet Kid combo is not exactly vanguard. Mixed media elements, desultory structure feel braver.

Photo © 1999 Bandai Visual Company/Tokyo FM Broadcasting Company/
Nippon Herald Films/Office Kitano, © 2000 Sony Pictures Classics

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

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