Jafar Panahi's Taxi
First screened in September 2015
Director: Jafar Panahi. Cast: Jafar Panahi, Hana Saeidi, Nasrin Sotoudeh, a score of others protected by their anonymity. Screenplay: Jafar Panahi.

Twitter Capsule: Feels less ambitious than Panahi's two previous house-arrest movies but it's funny and wise and has good tricks up its sleeve.

VOR:   I found it more provoking as a capstone and entrypoint to Panahi's career so far than as an exemplar of creativity under duress. Clever, engaging, important. Still, lingers less than his others.

Photo © 2015 Koch Lorber Films/Jafar Panahi Film Productions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Berlin Film Festival: Golden Bear (Best Picture)

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