Interior. Leather Bar.
First screened in July 2014
Directors: Travis Mathews and James Franco. Cast: Val Lauren, James Franco, Travis Mathews, Brenden Gregory, Christian Patrick, Brad Roberge, Robbie Acklen, Osbaldo Daniel Alvarez, Andres Barcelo, Samantha Barrows, Nick Buda, Seana Carroll, Collin Chavez. Screenplay: Travis Mathews.

Twitter Capsule: Before I render this tweet I want to relentlessly but inarticulately frame it but now I have no room to actu

Second Capsule: Eventually deft as film about filmmaking and facing taboos. But tedious, obvious first half almost kills it.

VOR:   I study and teach LGBT cinema, am writing a paper about nudity, and have published about real sex in cinema, and even I was only half-interested. Risky, but dulls its edges with turgid talk.

Photo © 2013 RabbitBandini Productions, © 2014 Strand Releasing

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C

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