Inherent Vice
First screened in January 2015
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson. Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Katherine Waterston, Josh Brolin, Joanna Newsom, Reese Witherspoon, Hong Chau, Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Eric Roberts, Serena Scott Thomas, Jena Malone, Jillian Bell, Jeannie Berlin, Michael Kenneth Williams, Christopher Allen Nelson, Andrew Simpson, Martin Short, Maya Rudolph, Sasha Pieterse, Sam Jaeger, Timothy Simons, Elaine Tan, Shannon Collis, Jefferson Mays, Erica Sullivan, Charley Morgan, Keith Jardine, Peter McRobbie, Martin Donovan. Screenplay: Paul Thomas Anderson (based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon).

Twitter Capsule: I'll grant it works without any net and may need more viewings. But neither material nor talent shows to advantage.

VOR:   More fascinating than satisfying, both in the context of Anderson's filmography (so little effort to charm here, or show off!) and in that of the genre (even shaggier than Long Goodbye).

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Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Adapted Screenplay: Paul Thomas Anderson
Best Costume Design: Mark Bridges

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Actor (Musical/Comedy): Joaquin Phoenix

Other Awards:
Independent Spirit Awards: Robert Altman Award (Ensemble Cast)
Los Angeles Film Critics Association: Best Original Score (Jonny Greenwood; tie)
Boston Society of Film Critics: Best Use of Music in a Film
National Board of Review: Best Adapted Screenplay

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